Das erzählen Chromatogramme

„What Chromatograms tell – get the maximum information out of you!“

Target audiance

Experienced users with many years of HPLC experience

Training objectives

Receiving concrete, numerous tips and recommendations „reading“ the chromatogram

Training overview

In an intensive workshop, we will work on the topic: How to „read“ the chromatogram to extract the maximum information from it? It is practiced how to reliably recognize retention time, peak shape, elution order and peak area problems as well as the need for optimization , And: It’s amazing how much information you can take from the chromatogram …

Training content

  • In this case, is the peak broadening at the packing quality, at the pH value, at the surface of the stationary phase or at the solvent?
  • Why does the column length change the order of elution?
  • Constant peak area but not peak height, change in retention time and height, in retention time and area, area and height, etc. – Causes and rules
  • Why is the peak symmetry getting better with the later peaks?
  • How can I deduce the properties of the column from the peak shape?
  • Why does peak A not „wander“ but peak B?
  • Several group work and exercises